Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life Lately

So.. here are some pictures of Alyse and I on a bug hunt...
This girl LOVES her bugs!

We put them in a empty wipe box so that she could look at them up close

It was perfect because she could look at them through the little hole in the top and they had air to breathe..

But most of the time that wasn't a close enough look for Alyse



Trying to hold her ladybug

"I love them momma!"

Before she gets dressed for the day she'll look out the window for bugs- she even finds them in the window sill... yuck!

Alyse even managed to get a..... bug bite..!!

One night we had chocolate pancakes for dinner- inspired by my mother who had eated chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and told me about it while I was FASTING. I knew then and there what we would be eating for dinner...

Yes, my son is eating chocolate pancakes with his sucker as a fork... I am such a nice mom... 

Not too thrilled

Sundays seem to be our deep clean day. We come home from church and put the kids down for a nap and CLEAN away...

All these things were found under our bookcase...

Jerm fake smiling because I told him to...

Grant loves to ride the vacuum.

He pretty much loves everything about it

Especially the cord

He plugs the vacuum into the vacuum...

we have lots of fun with the vacuum until he tries to eat it...  

I wasn't very popular after that

Also on sunday we made some homemade spaghetti sauce with our home-grown tomatoes!!

We had 13 pounds of tomatoes to make into sauce!! I think thats ALOT for just 2 bushes of tomatoes.

puree'd tomatoes

The recipe told us that we needed 1 3/4 pounds of tomatoes in each batch so.... we weighed them (didn't work)

then jerm weighed himself ("I need to start running")

Then he weighed himself WITH the tomatoes... (worked?? who knows for sure)

This is where alll the magic happenned... The sauce rocked!! We make a ton and stuck them in  gallon sized  bags in the freezer!!
I made a fabric barn (finally) for Grant for Christmas!!

I really really really like it!! It only took me 1 1/2 hours to make because I decided to hot glue it instead of sew it!! and I didn't use any batting! I LOVE it!! 

The back of the barn
And the inside!!

I used minkie fabric and some felt for the grass.I think it turned out really cute!

A little pond

The chicken coop

I found these stickers for $3 and I hot glued them to some felt and stuffed them to make them 3D so my kids could play with them.

Side view of the pig... Just a little more to hold onto that a sticker...

Felt backing


All the farm animals!!

Quack Quack!!

Oh! and I made a bale of hay for the horse out of yarn. Alyse told me that it was "really awesome" I had never heard her say that before so it must be cool.... :)

I would LOVE to make more of these barns or dollhouses and sell them. If anyone would like one I would prob. sell them for $20. Im sure they are going to be lots of fun for my kids during sacrament meeting!! :) 


Nathan & Katelyn said...

I loveddd this post! Lots of pictures and you didn't just write out what happened you showed with pictures and even made it interesting with your commentary! Great Job Britt! PS- the barn looks amazinggggg!!!! When we get into our new home we should definately have a craft night!

Me and My Boys said...

Great idea to put the bugs in the wipe case. Would have never thought of that.

Kelsey Redd said...

That barn is amazing!!!! I love it!! If I ever have a kid, I just might ask you for one!

Cathryn said...

This is so cute. I am very proud that you can do so many creative things! The kids are growing and so cute. I am appalled at your grammar, so I couldn't vote for the educational reason to read your blog!

Love you bunches! Gma!!

Marilee said...

That barn is awesome! Right now I am gathering things to make one of those look and find quiet toys. It kept Devin reverent all during church the week you visited us so I am sure we need one :)

Lauren said...

Very cute post! I can't believe Grant is walking already!