Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Hike to the Wind Caves

Starting down the trail on a 5 mile hike!!

We borrowed a pack from some of our friends to carry Alyse in, but THIS fine piece of work was only $4 at the DI!! (its functional, but i have BRUISES on my BUTT from it)

My cute family!!

We paid the troll

Grant was saying "hi" and waving at Daddy!

I love her hat!

These trees were gorgeous!

Mommy and Grant

He was chewing in my ear to be funny

Oreo face!! He is SO HANDSOME!!

Why so sad??

She smiled when I asked her to :)

Taking a little break. Who is that hunk?

This tree was cool, so Jerm sat on it

We found a rock that wrote like chalk and we let the kids "color rock", usually they are only allowed to "color paper" so this was way cool!
It says "The Voss Family was here!"

Our final destination

Prob. 45 min closer

Gorgeous views!!

another hour to go!

Grant kept head butting me, so I gave him something to play with,he just ended up smacking me w/ that too... He was a little hyper. 

This is at the base of the cave, there was a small waterfall coming out of it- the kids thought it was pretty neat. Grant loved to see the water!! He kept pointing at it

The rocky terrain we somehow survived.... (PRAYERS!! )

Same place, but Jerm wanted to get in the picture so you could appreciate how huge everything is 

Two words: WET. SLIPPERY.

I love this picture!

The base of the actual cave!!

view from the cave

back inside the cave

2nd view from the cave- one level up

3rd view

finally the top of the cave- this thing is 9 stories high!!

kids climbing in the cave Stretching their legs!!

Inside the cave looking down the tunnel

deeper in the cave

green slime walls

Family picture at the top!! What an accomplishment!!

We stopped by Broulims and got some dinner at the deli!! Pasta salad, BBQ chicken breasts, and baked beans!!! We needed some FOOODD!! 

They ate and CRASHED!!


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Looks SCARY!!! Glad you guys made it though and I think it's hilarious that you filmed yourself on accident! :)

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

Yeah- that was pretty funny- I was seriously freaked out...

Browns said...

Wow...absolutely beautiful. You are a trooper. I tried to get my family to go on a hike while camping this summer and they all gave up and turned around after 30 minutes. Buncha whiners, I tell ya. Guess I can't try to introduce hiking when they are all so old, they think I'm just losing my mind.

hfaanunu said...

Thats AMAZING Brittany!! I can't believe you two did that with your kids on your backs!! Who said once you have kids you can't do as much?!!!=) I'm impressed, however, you make it impossible for me to have any excuses in the future!
P.S. You look GORGEOUS in the pics!