Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Adventures!!

Its been 3 years since Jeremiah and I have been to Mesa Falls here in Idaho, but the 1 hour drive was soo worth it!! Saturday was gorgeous as was the scenic drive. We first visited the warm river, where we packed a bag of kitten food to throw to the fish. The kids were ECSTASIC about the fish and loved throwing handfuls into the water and seeing the fish jump and flop around. Grant was soo proud of himself, he kept jumping around and dancing in place and pointing to the fish, and Alyse was singing the 'clean-up' song and picking up the kitten food that Grant was dropping on the ground. We will be going back again for sure!

"Here fishy fishy fishy..."

handsome kid

Alyse Mae in her pretty sun dress!

Love this smile!!

Jerm was having a good time too!!

Curious Kid

Alyse made some friends

Our second stop was to the Upper Mesa Falls. I think this stop was more for Jeremiah and I, but Alyse and Grant really did enjoy walking around on the trails. Enjoy the picture and videos!!

These kids are PRICELESS!!! We are so lucky to be their parents!!

Our little gymnast!!


Cathryn said...

You had a great time!! Grant and Alyse are the best grandkids in the whole world!!

Love that Alyse sang the clean-up song!! Also that she made friends, Noelle and I both said, "Of course she did!"

I wonder if they remember feeding the fish here? In november it may be too cold for the fish to be any fun. Thanks for taking the time to post! We love it and all of you too!

Me and My Boys said...

I didn't even recognize Grant, he's looking so old. What a good idea to feed them Cat food. Love it!