Sunday, June 20, 2010

Opening the presents

I didn't get a chance to get pics of all the gifts, but they were all great!! A new puzzle from Marilee and a Tractor from Gma and Gpa Farr!! They got bath toys and 2 med. bouncy balls which i threw into the bath last night and they had a great time!!
She loves her new baby stroller! She got a new doll, a mini golfing set, a mickey pool, bubble blower, kitchen utensils, bubbles, a book, clothes, a HUGE bag of gummy worms (thanks ALOT katelyn!! lol jk), and a fridge farm for the fridge (that one was for Grant) Alyse got a leap frog toy for the fridge too from Gma and Gpa Hofeling... I'm sure I am forgetting some other cool thing they got, Grant got alot of cars and he loves them!
Grant's Toy Story bat!!

It felt like Christmas!! We didn't expect that so many people would bring gifts! Alyse got to actually play with her toys after her bath and after we put Grant to bed. She loved them all!! Thank you to everyone who came!! We had a great time!! Grant is playing with his new toys today and loves all the cars and especially the toy story bat that gpa gave him!! He loves to beat stuff up... totally a boy! :)


Cathryn said...

Grant's hair is blonde!! They are both so big!
Thanks for posting the pics.

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Great... now Grant has a weapon to bully my kid around with... =0