Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to two!!!

So... I have to admit I went a little over-board. Originally the party was just supposed to be family.... THEN a few friends, BUT its so unfair to invite only SOME friends and not ALL of our friends... So I ended up inviting a little over 30 people... :) Jerm was a little suprised when he paused and really started to understand what I was planning.... He just said, "well, you'd better make enough food..." I made tons of food, pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches, chips, cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate), brownie bites and angel foodcake bites to dip in different toppings. I think it was way fun!! We had coloring and playdough for the kids, and Marilee and I blew up 60 balloons the night before because seriously, what kid under 2 doesn't love balloons!? We ate dinner after everyone got there and then let the kids hit the pinjata and gather the candy in little party bags... afterwards we sang "Happy Birthday", blew bubbles and opened presents! I want to THANK everyone who came, but especially Katelyn for ALLLL the help given to set up on such a short notice!! Thanks Katelyn!! Your da!! Marilee!! Thank you for helping blow up balloons and for letting us use the clubhouse!! You are a lifesaver! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALYSE AND GRANT!! We sure love you guys!! :)


Nathan & Katelyn said...

No Prob-lem-o!!! Anything for your sweet kiddos Britt! I mean it, Were going to miss you guys when school is over for Jerm & Nate! yikes.... I don't want to even think about that yet!! Happy Birthday Alyse and Grant!!

hfaanunu said...

A LOT of work it seems but, was a great result of FUN!! I love seeing the pics!! Great job Brittany!!