Friday, May 21, 2010

Individual Worth!!

For those of you who don't know, I have started working on the Young Woman personal progress program again. I have been at it for about a week and a half now and the difference of the spirit it has brought to our home is tangible. I am loving it.

I completed the individual worth value project this last week. 10 hours of time spent in planning and accomplishing the project are required, I have been pretty busy. Jeremiah's younger brother and his wife are expecting a baby, this is usually good news, when the parents are responsible, unfortunately, there are many things we worry about. Long story short, the individual worth project suggests helping someone in need improve their living conditions. Gma Voss and I went down to Idaho Falls on Sat. and spent 3+ hours helping them 'baby proof' their home. There were other projects that I did beforehand that completed the time requirement, but those last 3 hours were the hardest for sure. I am hoping that our efforts were not in vain. I hope that they will be responsible parents and take this seriously, but most importantly I know that the Lord wanted us to do this for them. I know that He loves them , even though they are lost right now, He helped to guide me through this project and as Nephi says, -when the Lord commands us to do something, he will provide... I believe that to be true.

Here are a few pictures of a silly little box I made for them. The paper in the middle can be pulled through to show a new chore each day!! Goody Goody!!


Carissa said...

Brit, your little girl is SO ADORABLE! Her curler pictures kill me. She so pretty! Congrats on doing the YW program again. That is a big project to take on! I LOVE the box you made for your sister-in-law. That would be so helpful! Great idea!

Cathryn said...

We are so proud of the success you have already had Britta! And guess what--I am going to join you and Noelle in the Personal Progress program as well! Won't that be cool!
Love ya-Mom