Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always Eating

Yes, I realize that almost EVERY picture I post is of my children locked into their high chairs... I do let them out occasionally (naptime, potty breaks, chores... ) I thought these pictures were kinda cute. Alyse and Grant are so fun!!


KB Kidz said...

never would have tackled the couch recovering project? quilting maybe? gardening ... well i'd like to think when we have a yard I would... you've inspired me! but i still don't have a yard to plant in, a sewing machine or money for material- LOL :D love you girl!!!

Anonymous said...

(((((big Gramma Hugs for both)))))
How totally sweet!!!
We miss them so much!
Alyse is such a little mommy!

Cathryn said...

This is a cute post! Like mother like daughter I'm afraid!

Albright said...

She is SOOOOOOOOO cute! What a sweet big sister she is! Cal and I miss her! I can't believe how big Alyse and Grant are getting!

Lauren said...