Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunday is a wonderful day!!

While we were getting ready for church, Grant decided it was naptime. It was soo cute!

After he woke up we got him dressed (hair and all) and I decided I needed a picture of my men!
The fam! At this point I was the only one still not dressed, so I kindly excluded myself from the picture to save your eyes! Im so lucky to have such a good family!!


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

Oh my goodness her hair is SO blond and LONG! gorgeous! We're sad you guys arent coming back to HP but can't blame you with 2 kiddos!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Goshhhhh, seeing these pictures make me miss those babiesssss!!! How much longer??

KB Kidz said...

so cute! They both look like they have your eyes Britt!

Carissa said...

What an ADORABLE little family you have! Your kids are so CUTE! Love their Sunday clothes too.