Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brand New!

We started reupholstering our love seat on Tuesday and finished the project Friday around 12p. We worked around the clock from about 8a- 11p... Jerm and I are a good team. He is the engineer and remembers how to put the pieces back together, and all I had to do was sew them together!

FIRST STEP: Take old material off couch carefully!!
* (Its good to take note of the order they came off in- we used our video camera to record the process so if we got stuck we could look back on what it used to look like.)

These white pieces of fabric were on the old couch. They are sewn onto the new cloth, they may seem pointless when you first see them, but they are used to pull the cloth tight around the wood of the frame.
The back cushions were the most difficult, every piece had to be labeled and taken apart carefully.

Then cut out from the original pieces

We had to buy 45 yards of rope for the couches- they add a lot!
Our first piece put onto the couch (the couch is upside-down)
My new sewing machine!! Sewing together the fabric for the arm of the love seat
The bottom and the sides went on first!! (sewn by yours truly... )
Jerm did an AWESOME job putting the new fabric onto the couch! He is so good!!
The back cushions go on third!!

Stuffing the 2nd back cushion!!
After the back cushions were on, Jeremiah was able to put the side fabric on and then the back!!
The bottom cushions complete the project!!
Now we have a BRAND NEW couch!! :)


Nathan & Katelyn said...

OH MY GOSH!!! BRITT!!!! It looks AMAZINGGGG! I'm not even kidding, it looks great! Very intimidating from the pics though, I'm glad you guys are so talented. I could neverrrrr do something like that! Awesome job!!!

Albright said...


Rachel said...

SO Impressive! I think it looks great!

Ash said...

That is amazing!!! How long did it take ya'll? I'm so impressed!

Helena said...

Wow! It looks like it was made that way! Amazing.