Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I have been running for about 2 weeks now and I am feeling pretty good! It's def. hard, but I look forward to my runs instead of dreading them! Its great! I did however fall last week because the shoulders of the roads here are slanted and really lame. I have a stress fracture on the top of my foot and its been bothering me a little, but it's way more annoying when I am trying to run. Basically a stress fracture is when your bone is slowly splitting- so if i keep off of it it should heal and become stronger so I can run again!! :) Kind of a bummer!

This week I should be getting the new power cord to my laptop and i will download ALLL my pictures from our FLIP and prob. be blogging a few of them!! Our kids are growing SO FAST!! Alyse is getting pretty tall actually... She is fitting into 2T pants that were dragging just last month! Grant eats EVERYTHING so he is filling out too! :) Love my babies!!

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