Friday, February 12, 2010

I love my kids

Alyse is starting to blow us away with her vocabulary and I am so excited for her!! She is learning so much lately. This morning I got both kids out of bed (but really they got ME out of bed) and changed diapers- as is routine in our home, I layed toys out for Alyse and Grant to play with and before I laid back in bed to catch a few more Zzzzz's- I told Alyse that she needed to be nice to her brother and share... (Im thinking "riiiiiight") Alyse came over to me a few minutes later and says "Momma!! Share Books!" I look over and Grant is all happy drooling over a book! I about jumped out of bed and kissed her face off. Isn't it great how such a little thing can make parents So Happy?? I love my kids!

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