Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Season!

I LOVE the holidays!! BUT I think it has been WAY more fun preparing for Christmas this year because it is going to be the first year Alyse can really enjoy it with us! Jerm and I are trying to teach her how to say "thank you" (with very little luck). Jeremiah will be finishing the semester here next week and then we are going to be BUSY BUSY packing up our apartment and moving our things into storage before Christmas. We are going to stay in Rexburg and have Christmas with Jeremiah's family and then head out to WA for the next 4 months! Its going to be busy and a little hectic, but I feel sooo blessed with the life Heavenly Father has given us! We are blessed with 2 beautiful children, who are sealed to us for time and eternity and I can not think of anything better than that! (except that someday we will have MORE children sealed to us!! )


Lauren said...

How fun! So you are going to move out really soon? Are you coming back after the 4 months?

Albright said...

I was thinking about this the oher day, how our children are sealed to us. I got so excited to see the BIC on Calvin's membership records that we got from tithing settlement. It really is an awesome blessing!

Cathryn said...

I am blessed that you consider Eternal families your best blessing! Thank you Britta!
I Love You,