Saturday, November 14, 2009


These last few weeks have been hectic- mainly because I have been sick and I just feel like I cannot physically accomplish ALL that is required of me! Last wednesday I was able to accept the challenge from our Stake Presidency to attend institute, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for inspired leaders- who know what we need. The class was on Sabbath day observance and the importance of preparing for the sacrament. Most of the class were single students from campus (there is a HUUUUGE difference between singles and married perspectives btw... ) our teacher had been up since 4am and truely, he wasn't all there....  BUT the Spirit WAS there and was in complete control of that class. I feel that even while others in the class could have distracted from the class with their personal stories and need for recognition- the Spirit can still touch those who are prepared to learn. My testimony was strengthened all the same, and the spirit bore witness to the truth that was taught. I know that the gospel is true, and I am grateful that the Lord knows us individually. I know that even if we have been up since 4am, or behind schedule because we have been sick all week, or even late to a meeting because we were putting our kids to bed- He works with us and loves us and accepts our efforts as we follow His promptings. I know that sometimes I feel that alot is required of me- but I know that every thing that I do to try to please my Heavenly Father also benefits ME as well- Because His will for me is to be happy. He knows us, and He knows what is best. I am just so grateful that after my long week of feeling less than productive, my Heavenly Father consistently supplies ways for me to fill my bucket so that I can pick up the slack and keep going.  Life is good!! 

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