Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Update

I love this picture! It was taken before we were even engaged... I just thought I'd add it for the heck of it!! 

We are now back in Rexburg for Fall semester. We spent our 6 week break in WA so Jeremiah could work in the shipyards again- he had a better experience this time around! Alyse is growing so much- she is saying "Oh man!!" and "happy" and she is saying "mommy" ALOT lately- and she wants me to hold her. She is still happy to be a big sister and tries to share things with Grant. This morning she tried to feed him with a spoon- I am glad that I was there to monitor that... she is a little aggressive sometimes... Grant rolled over from his tummy to his back today! He is getting big too! He is my little cuddle bug, I love his smiles. 

Jeremiah is planning on working at the shipyards for 2 years after we graduate in Dec 2010. Then he plans to apply to BYU to get his masters in Mechanical Engineering! I am really proud of him, he is very dedicated to his education and he does really well in school. GO JERM!! 

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