Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day at the Park!!

Yesterday and today Alyse had the chance to play at the park!! We got there at 9:15ish and the water park turns on at 10a! Yesterday we did not come prepared to play in the water, but today we planned ahead and she had a cute bathing suit on and her friend kenny to play with!! They had a BLAST!! Alyse loooooves the water! 


Cathryn said...

Thanks for letting us "play" with Alyse at the park!! That is so fun! It's also fun to hear all your "mommy talk"! Love ya!

Cathryn said...

So funny that Alyse came to the stroller to take little brudder to play in the water!! I can just see you turning off the camera to make sure she didn't take off to the water!