Monday, May 18, 2009

We are 35 weeks pregnant!!

There are 32 days until your due date on June 20, 2009.
You are 248 days pregnant.
You are 8.1 months pregnant.

Just a few numbers that keep me going... :) I am sooo excited for this little boy!! 

Another little update is that Alyse has 4 top teeth growing in this week!! She has been hiding them well because I thought she only had one- until yesterday when i realized she had 2, then this morning i pried her mouth open only to find that she has FOUR!! lol 
She has had a really runny nose this week and last and has been sleeping alot more. I found the anbesol and also a teething ring that she LOVES to chew on! Hopefully those teeth will come in this week and she can start feeling better!  

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Nathan & Katelyn said...

yay for teeth!!! I can't wait until the whole process of teething is over!