Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Our cool tent! We made sure we got one that would fit our Pack n' Play!- This worked out really well!! 

Jerm's Uncle Larry's camper- this thing is HUGE and sooo nice on the inside. It's a Harley Davidson camper- all the grandkids were calling it "Grandpa's mansion" When they got bored with the whole camping thing, Larry would let them go in and watch a movie. 

 The official tour of the campsite- taken by: Jeremiah Voss

Uncle Larry loves to spoil the kids... Alyse didn't mind, she loves Dum Dums... 

I just love this girl!!

She really liked her sucker, she didn't want anyone taking it away from her


She was kinda zoning out... 
4- wheeling videos!! This was WAY fun!! I really like that Jerm captured Alyse asleep in my arms (because it was THE cutest thing ever), but I was a little nervous that he was trying to film while he was driving... BOYS! They think they are indestructible!!

So Smooth Alyse fell asleep during the ride!! 

We had her strapped into a baby backpack onto Jerm and I was holding her head from bouncing around too much

Alyse was sooooo exhausted after our 4-wheeler ride- She CRASHED!! (Fell asleep that is... Sry mom, didn't mean to scare you) :p

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rob06041 said...

hahaha i love that first video of her! she almost looks like she's telling everyone what to do with her arms flying around and making those noises!