Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alyse is standing!

Jerm and I think its pretty funny that she will only stand for a prolonged amount of time when she is distracted by something. She gets nervous when she realizes that she is standing by herself and plops to the ground!! We are really excited for her to start walking- BUT we are also really excited that she is not too interested right now. Its more of a parlor trick she likes to do for us to make us smile and clap!! She will climb up the side of the couch and make sure she gets our attention, then she slooowly lifts her hands one after the other off the side of the couch and kinda does a hop up and down with no hands and then SMILES (ta da!!) as if it is the cooolest thing ever!! Its totally cute and it is the coolest thing ever because she is so aware of what makes us laugh and she does this on purpose! 


*~McGarys~* said...

She looks so much bigger then Elijah.
HE looks half of her size. lol

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Go Alyse!!!! And... don't worry she'll be walking in no time now, I can't wait!!