Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Weekend in Utah!!

Jerm and I visited my BEST FRIEND Robin and her husband Nels!! Robin is 5 months pregnant with a lovely baby boy!! I am so exicted for us being pregnant together! It's nice to know in advance who Claire is going to marry.... 
All of us at Tempanyaki!! Soooo cool!!
I love the face Nels is making in this picture
Where all the magic happens... 
OOOOoooooo this was so sad... There was a life flight helicopter on the freeway.... 2 women and 2 children experienced a MAJOR accident when their tire split on the freeway... One woman died, and the three others were in critical condition. SOO sad. (We didn't actually see anyone from the accident)
Studly Daddy
The girls in their dresses!!
Salt Lake Temple!!

My baby girl and my pregnant belly
The Bride and Groom!!- The sealing was BEAUTIFUL, I loved it, I am so glad that we got to be a part of that!!
Daddy and his girl!
Heidi taking the pictures for the wedding!! 

Alyse was clapping for a new Aunt!! yay for Megan!

The Cake!
Uncle Billy- Rogers youngest brother holding Alyse!! They have a little girl around Alyse's age too!! 
The Line- there was dancing after the line dwindled down! It was really fun!! Carter was really fun to watch dance- goof ball!!

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