Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerm!!

Jerm's 25th Birthday was actually on the 2nd of April... so I am a little late posting about it- but we have been pretty busy with the move and Nathaniel and Megans Wedding in SLC. I had Jerm choose his birthday dinner (chicken, cheese and broccoli casserole) and when he got home from work we watched a few movies, opened presents and had dinner!! He really wanted cheese bowls for his salad- They were really yummy, but a little difficult to make. You fry the parmesan cheese in a pan and then form it over a cup to hold the shape you want. Jerm got an AWESOME cookbook from Gma Barbara (My grandma visiting from Michigan) that tells you the how's  and why's of cooking... pretty much it tells you about everything, she also mended his fav. blanket that she made us for our wedding- he sleeps w/ it every night and it was a little worn. I got him some church socks and khaki shorts. I know I know.... Susan- you told me not to go with the church sock idea for a b-day present, but he really liked them... haha so I am glad that I did. ;) maybe next year I'll buy him a watch like you suggested. :) Anyways, it was a fun b-day! 

(New camera, pictures are a little blurry... )

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Cathryn said...

Nice dinner photos!! Too bad I missed the cheese bowls, is the recipe in The Joy of Cooking? How's your new kitchen and the curtains--I want pictures!

I want pics of Alyse too!!