Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Best of the Farr Family!!

Well, its only one more week until Jerm, Alyse and I head back to Idaho... We have been so blessed to be able to live with my family while Jerm did his internship! I wanted to make a blog that captures my wonderful family as kind of a "Thank You" (and also so I can have pictures to look back at when I am home in Idaho missing them!! Thank you mom and dad for ALLLLL that you do for us and for your love. Thank you Josh, Seth, Noelle, Tsia and Noonie for helping with baby Alyse... She has you ALL wrapped around her finger! You all have it BAD for the baby girl and you know it... lol 
Disneyland 2007!!! We ate way too many churros... Dad made sure of that!! :)  
Mom's Garden!! 
Keeping cool in Arizona
Grandma and Baby Alyse
Tsia's Baptism Day!!
Camping at Ensign Ranch with the Family!! 
The Goatheads!! Jack and Jill, on the  faRRm they have a horse, 25 chickens, 4 goats, a bunny, 2 boxers and 3 cats!! I think thats all... 
Our trip to Alamaba!! In the backyard of the house mom grew up in!!

Noelle riding Captain
Farr Family!! 
Disneyland!! Dad is the greatest... He is always there to listen and make you feel important!! He is also a great grandpa!! (So Alyse tells me...)
My beautiful mother!! Mom is always working hard for her family! Mom is continually learning and sharing what she learns. My momma is full of great information and I am so grateful for her example in all that she does. 
Cathryne is the baby of the Farr Family, she is such a love. 
I love my NOONIE!! nooneroon, noon, cathernoon... etc... ;) 
Always the Little Princess!! 
Tsia wanted to come to Prom with me- so she got all dressed and pretty!! Love this baby girl
"Well Hello.... " ;)  Noelle is growing so fast!! She is 12 now and a very talented pianist!!
Noelle and her little baby Alyse!! Noelle has been a HUGE help with Alyse- almost like her 2nd momma!! Alyse loves to hear Noelle play the piano and will dance and sing along!

Seth in his natural element... Lovin' the dogs!! 
What a cutie!! Seth is very compassionate and helpful!! He is always full of compliments and appreciation!
What a stud muffin!!
Josh made All Northwest Choir this year!! He is a Tenor and has a great voice!! 

I love you guys!! Thank you for all you do!! 


*~McGarys~* said...

That was so nice of you! It looks like you have a wonderful loving family:) Your hair is so much shorter in some of these pictures. Can't wait to have you back in good old ID.

Delatore Family said...

Your family seems like such a fun group of people! We can't wait for you guys to come back to Idaho!

Ryan and Kara said...

It is fun to be around family! I am glad that we get to be with our families for ETERNITY! I know that I am going to miss family when we move!

Me and My Boys said...

Were so sad we will miss you guys, but I'm sure well see you in the Harbor soon. Have a blast in the Berg it really is a great place to be for a time. Good luck on the move. Sorry we wont be able to help at all.

Cathryn said...

What a blast from the past, you have pictures here from about 4 or 5 years ago!! Cool!
Thank you and your welcome! Loved the message written on the shower door in soap!! That is sooo YOU!!
You are a sweetie, always have been! we are getting excited to welcome Claire to the world, can't wait!