Friday, February 6, 2009


I really am going to post new pictures soon!!

Alyse is growing so fast, and she has a big personality for such a little girl!! I love her sooo much! She is saying "da da" and "ba ba" all the time, but she only says "ma ma" if I am in trouble!! She loves her Aunties and all of the attention they give her. I'm not sure how she'll survive without them once we are back in Idaho and she just has me... Alyse is crawling a little better, still not using her elbows, mainly she scoots around, and is always trying to eat the tiniest speck of paper or yarn left on the floor... We have to watch her carefully- she is very inquisitive!!

We should find out in a few weeks if we are having a boy or a girl. We had an ultrasound on Monday, and got to see our littlest one!! He/She is very healthy and growing big and strong! The ultrasound was a little blurry and the baby wasn't in the right position to see the sex. Jerm is determined that we are having a girl... I am hoping for a boy... :) Either way we will be delighted!

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