Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Trip to Pennsylvania!!

Alyse and I went to visit my family in Pennsylvania mid January! Alyse and I flew together and stayed for a week. Luckily I was able to take her carseat on all 4 flights (there and back) She did soooo good on the plane and made tons of friends! It was really good to see everyone once we got there, I just wish I had rememebered to take more pictures!! Alyse loved this walker and thought she was so big since she could scoot around wherever she wanted!

When we were in PA, Daddy took us to Cabela's where there were TONS of realistic looking animals on display- mountain lions, tigers, bears, zebras, giraffe, hippo, etc.... it was like going to the zoo! Sooo cool! There was also a large aquarium with tons of fish- I think the fish were our favorite! Alyse loved banging on the glass and spitting at them! Her eyes got so big! It was great!! Alyse spent most of her time playing with Abigail, my sister who is just about to turn 12, and her uncle Austin!! I learned how to make daddy's yummy rolls, and learn a few things about cooking from watching him in the kitchen! We also watched a bunch of HOUSE, which is pretty much the greatest show... We had a fun trip! Thanks for having us guys!!

(wish i took more pictures!!............. still kicking myself!!)

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