Friday, February 13, 2009

New baby carrier!! and another little update!

Cute Girl!! She loves flailing her arms and legs when she's in this thing

I dont know how much longer I am going to be able to wear this thing- its a little tight on my tummy... Especially when I have her in the front!

It works better like this for me now... but there is no way I could put her in it w/ out someone to help me.... hmmmm

ooooo yummy hair momma!

wooo wooo Pretty Girl!!

Mom and I went to the fabric store and bought like 7 yards of this fabric on Tuesday and I sewed 2 of these baby carriers! Its just one long piece of fabric that you wrap around you and tie in the front. Alyse and I got to try it out a few weeks ago when we went to the mall with our friends, Heather and Abigail Himmer. Alyse LOVED it and it was so easy to make! You just need a lightweight fabric that has a little stretch to it!
My mom took these picture, and since Alyse's hair grows so fast, she just wanted to see what she might look like in a few months... She kept pulling my hair and it HURT- but she looked soooo funny!
I am now 22 weeks pregnant!! I am feeling the baby (girl/boy- who knows) kick all the time now! I am glad that I am kinda starting to look pregnant and not just fat... I remember it last time too as just being really uncomfortable b/c all of my normal clothes dont fit, but you feel kind of wierd wearing maternity clothes. We are supossed to find out this upcoming wednesday if we are having a boy or a girl... I HOPE!!!! I am dying to know! Anyways, everything else is going really well for us... Jerm and I are hoping to move back to Hyde Park Apartments where all of our friends are in early April... There MIGHT be wedding bells in April for someone in our family as well!! We are very blessed and excited about life!

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Delatore Family said...

How exciting! You all look so great. Hopefully we'll see you in April!