Monday, November 3, 2008


We were tagged for the 50/50- so here are 50 facts about Jeremiah and I!!


1. I used to have blonde hair until we moved to washington
2. I love to swim- not matter the temp. of the water
3. I almost got trampled by a horse when I was 12, but instead it just chased me into a blackberry bush
4. I am the oldest of 12 kids!! 6 in WA and 6 in PA
5. I have lived in CA, UT, CO, WA, GA and NJ
6. I was in choir all 4 years of High School- 1st Soprano
7. I cant sing 1st soprano to save my life now...
8. I got pregnant a month after I was married!! (on purpose though...)
9. I was married in the Idaho Falls Temple on August 10th, 2008
10. My middle name is Alyse
11. I used to play the Clairinet
12. I was in the play Sound of Music in Middle School and I was Brigitta
13. I didn't kiss until I was 18
14. I had 3 close friends in High school that were red heads!!
15. Stake dances were my LIFE in High School!! (even though I am the worst dancer!!)
16. I've been skinny dipping more times than I can count
17. At girls camp I really thought snipe hunting was real...
18. I accidently peed my pants at girls camp just 5 feet from the girls bathroom
19. I used to make awesome scrambled aggs- but I think I've lost the art
20. I also used to make a really great box cake- but now they just taste like poo
21. I've been flying by myself since I was 5
22. I used to spend my summers in Utah with my dad and step-mom! Good memories!!
23. I used to hate girly things- especially the color pink! Now I dont mind pink, but I still hate the color purple.
24. I am kind of a perfectionist and like everything to be mitchy matchy and in the right place
25. I hate cutting up raw chicken- it grosses me out real bad. I have to wash my hand like 5 times afterwards.
26. I love rollercoasters
27. I LOVE the beach!!!
28. I hate swimsuits- I always wear shorts and a tank top
29. I get REALLY HUGE when I am pregnant
30. I am pregnant with my 2nd baby and I hope it is a BOY!!! (Porter Lewis Voss)
31. I used to climb trees like a monkey when i was little, but had a hard time getting back down
32. I went to 3 elementary schools
33. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ more than anything!!
34. My mom is my best friend and I probably call her more times a day than I should!! (She's a very busy woman!! - Homeschooling 5 kids!!)
35. I WAS NOT HOMESCHOOLED!! haha... I just really liked public school- who cares if didn't learn anything!! (JK mom... ;)
36. I forgot to register to VOTE!!! I am SO LAME!!!!!!
37. I used to have 2 goats named Jack and Jill (we ate Jack)
38. I've seen a cow butchered and cut into 4 pieces right in our driveway (we ate him too)
39. Our cows names were "holy" "have a", " dont have a" and "mad" (COW)!! Get it??
40. I used to bite my nails until I got to college
41. I really like getting my hair cut
42. I love my husband and my little daughter
43. I have a craving for Orange Juice this pregnancy!!
44. I like driving fast
45. My dad and I went to Peru for a month and gave the little kids war heads... (They loved them)
46. My fav. perfume is Issey Miyake from Nordstrom... hint hint to anyone who wants to get me something awesome for Christmas... :)
47. I had braces for 3 years and was sad when they came off...
48. I played softball for a few years and my mom coached one of my teams
49. I love shrimp
50. I pay the bills in the family


1. His hair is so thivk he had to grow it out 3 inches just to part it on his mission
2. He served a mission in Nashville TN
3. Jerms fav. dog is a pitbull
4. Jerm loves pizza
5. He is a convert to the church
6. He broke his wrist playing football before he left on his mission and had to come home for surgery
7. Jerm is a very friendly person and makes friends easily
8. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and makes really good grades!!
9. He is an identical twin (but he is the definitely the better looking one)
10. He helps around the house and always takes the trash out w/ out being asked!!
11. Jerm loves pickles, but wont eat pickle okra w/ me...:(
12. He thinks buying presents is over rated
13. Jerm will brake it before he fixes it
14. He loooves his little girl!!
15. Jerm loves to snowmobile and wants one of his own REAL BAD
16. Jerm enjoys fishing
17. Jerm was adopted at 16 along with his twin brother
18. Jerms favorite childhood pet was a dog names stubs that was missing a leg
19. He has never seen the ocean
20. Jerm loves to be silly, but he is serious when he needs to be
21. Jerm is really good with money and handles all the taxes
22. He is a really good teacher
23. He has lived in Idaho his whole life
24. He was a trackstar in High School and went to state multiple times
25. Jerm loves to cook- mostly make up recipes
26. When we were dating and engaged he would make me dinner every night and bring it to me at work
27. Jerm is a very caring and kind person
28. He is very hardworking
29. Jerm and his brother were playing frisbee with a plate and the plate ended up in Jerms head- he has a great big scar
30. He loves to bake cinnamon rolls... he's really funny about it
31. He loves to read and takes FOREVER to finish a book because he soaks up EVERY detail
32. He loves to watch movies with me
33. He read the Twilight series and LOVED them!! haha
34. Nicknames for Jeremiah are: Jerm (duh), Miah, Jermy-Miah... and Daddy I think thats all
35. He loves geology- it was one of his fav. classes
36. Jerm took way too many ballroom dance classes in College
37. Jerm talks in his sleep, but mostly just jumps out of bed yelling and then realizes what he's doing and gets mad at himself and falls back to sleep.
38. His siblings are all names after past Presidents: Carter, Madison, Reagan and Kennedy
39. Jerm and his brother ran a farm by themselves when they were 15
40. Jerm has more scars than he can remember where they came from. (which makes sense since most of them are on his head.. lol)
41. Jerm met his wife in the Math Tutoring lab
42. Jerm loves to sing primary songs to Alyse
43. he has a good sense of direction and can find anything without the use of a map or telephone...(although sometimes it takes a while)
44. In the summer time Jerm turns the AC on to about 65 degrees.... he hates the heat
45. Jerm works construction and knows how to fix or do just about anything
46. Jerm loves Salt and Vinegar chips
47. Taco Bell is his fav. fast food. "2 beef and potatoe burritos please"
48. He hates cornbread- but loves it when I make it
49. Jerm loves the snow
50. He has broken his phone twice now from dropping it- but he always fixes it!!


Ryan and Kara said...

I enjoy reading the 50/50 posts, you learn SO much! I didn't know that you were expecting again, congratulations! Let me know if there is anything that you need! Thanks for sharing!

Andrew said...

You still had blonde hair when you were in Washington...

Gma said...

You have a great memory and know alot about your hubby! Noelle wants to go snipe hunting when you come for Thanksgiving!
Love the comments about schooling!