Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visiting Grandpa in Cody Wy

The dining room. As you see Jerm and I brought Settlers along and had it laid out on the table almost as soon as we got there. (I won again...)
Alyse was watching Grandpa make dinner!! He made fried rice, orange chicken, SHRIMP, homemade dinner rolls and lemon bars! It was REALLY good...

There were 9 of us at dinner that night. 2 managers from the hotel and one of their friends, a flight attendant and a co-pilot, Daddy, and Jeremiah and I. Everyone was really quiet at dinner because we were so busy shoveling down the food!!
Alyse loves her Grandpa!!

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LYDIA said...

Oh that looked like fun! I love your dad's cooking, it's fabulous!